IHS Boosters Fundraising Efforts Update

Sunday, 10 June 2018 10:43 IHS Boosters

Dear Parents and Community Members:

 Our fundraising efforts the last few years have been a success because of the great generosity of our parents and community.  We’d like to keep you up to date on how Boosters has been able to use those funds to benefit our IHS students.

We’ve been able to provide a laptop for every student, and this year we are working to create an environment for our students that is up to par with the 21st century resources they now have available to them. Recently we purchased and are soon installing large screen monitors at IHS to enable modern messaging and information systems. Several furniture updates have been made and are now available to students in common areas for study and collaborative learning; and additional furniture updates are coming soon.  Boosters has just purchased a complete compliment of digital microscopes with built-in cameras and a companion color touch screen tablet. These modern microscopes come complete with wi-fi capabilities for immediate sharing  and collaborative learning.  Other areas we are working hard to improve: technology support updates to the building, and modernization of study areas to be technology-friendly and conducive to collaborative learning; additional furnishing updates based on collaborative learning research; and the replacement of scoreboards in the indoor gyms which are outdated and no longer repairable. We are still in search of a donor (or donors) interested in financing the replacement of our football field scoreboard. If you are interested in this potential opportunity, please contact IHS Boosters.

We are very excited about the upcoming theatre renovation! Our original project was delayed one year due to district-mandated window replacements school-wide, and the required abatement closed the school to the public for the full summer of 2017.  In the meantime IHS Boosters secured a grant from the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation specifically for our theatre, so we are now able to embark on a much more extensive renovation. The newly renovated theatre will include technology-enhanced seating; state of the art sound, lighting, and projection system; an expanded stage; revisions that will allow for two backstage dressing rooms; installation of acoustic sound clouds and other needed acoustic treatments; enhancements to the ceiling including cosmetic updates and new room lighting; and the updating of the area framing the stage as well as the auditorium space.

 As abatement will be required for this sizable project, we are pleased to announce that to streamline and allow for an efficient construction window, this project will take place simultaneously with a new single-point entry critical for student safety, as well as some much-needed front office revisions. Due to the size of the combined projects and the time needed for multiple stages of required approvals, we should have everything in place to proceed with the project by January 2019. Therefore, all of the mentioned renovations should take place over the summer of 2019.

We appreciate your patience in embarking on this incredible theater renovation and additional improvements. We strive to ensure that all of the donated funds will be administered to the best of our ability and are confident that we all can take great pride in the final results. We sincerely thank our parents and community members for making all of this possible!


IHS Boosters