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2016-17 School Year Calendar

Incline High School

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It has been said many many times that "for a small school, Incline High does some amazing things".  The fact is, small in student population size or not, Incline High School does do amazing things. . . for all students.  Visit our site.

From IHS graduates heading to the likes of Stanford, Yale, Cornell, the Air Force Academy, UNR, Cal-Poly, Berkeley, Mills College or Harvard to designing and building a world class custom motorcycle or the opening of their own restaurant to designing a new golf club shaft for a major manufacturer, students from Incline High School dream big and achieve big.  Teachers and administrators at the high school know each student by name; the small size lends itself to this recognition and important outreach.  But, the classes, with an 18:1 ratio allows the student the important comprehensive learning experience that comes with the interaction with others (large enough to communicate and small enough to be heard).

Download this file (IHS Accountability Report 2013-14.pdf)IHS Accountability Report 2013-14.pdf[ ]188 Kb

Incline Middle School

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Middle School - that "in between" period when elementary school is a memory and high school a dream.  The time when kids are stretching boundaries and experiencing the thrill of changing classes and having a locker. A little scary and a little exciting mixed into one big emotion, especially when these students have been in Incline Elementary School for what seems like forever.

The good news?  Many of your child's friends will be making the journey to the middle school with them (and their parents will be making the trip with you... remember, we are all in this together!) and, very importantly, the teachers, staff and administrators of IMS value the relationship with 1) the student and 2) the parents.  They welcome a call or email to help the transition process run a little smoother and for your student to be successful in the middle school environment.  The partnership you have with your child and your child's teachers is imperative to the education process.  

A great website,, is a helpful and informational site that explains the ups and downs of middle school with a bit of humor (and who can't use that now and again?).

Incline Middle School is commited to the middle school student and the challenges, triumphs and growth that goes along with each and every child during this crucial educational and social time.

Download this file (IMS Accountability Report 2014-15.pdf)IMS Accountability Report 2014-15.pdf[ ]185 Kb

Incline Elementary School

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IES PTA Website

From the moment that your child is off to their first day of elementary school, life as you have known it will change.  The confidence in your child as they step up and into the bus, the no looking back at mom or dad, the slight wave through the window and the enormous smile of accomplishment gives you the first indicators that your child is on their way.  You have given them the tools to start their schooling - they know colors, numbers, letters and sounds and they may even be starting to read.  They are excited and ready and you proud, but a little teary because he grew up so quickly. 

The time has come and you have entrusted the good folks of Incline Elementary School with your most valuable and treasured asset - your child. This is a privilege and an honor that the teachers, staff and administrators take quite seriously.   The educating of young minds is the most significant undertaking and responsibility a teacher can have with results that last a lifetime.  

Elementary teachers are a special group of people - they have a passion and a love for children that is unmatched.  They take pride in every accomplishment of a child and feel the pain of any bump in the road a child may have.  Elementary teachers are nurturers, friends, supporters and cheerleaders for each student; there is something about every child that is special and they know that.

We are fortunate at Incline Elementary School to have a fabulous and caring bunch of individuals that strive to make the elementary school experience the best it can be for the students.  By partnering with the parent, grandparent or caregiver of each child, the success that the student can have is limitless.  Questions, comments and concerns can be discussed with a teacher or administrator, feel free to call or email them directly.

Visit for information about the great things happening in Science at Incline Elementary School.

Download this file (IES Accountability Report 2014-15.pdf)IES Accountability Report 2014-15.pdf[ ]181 Kb

Join Parent Organizations

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Each of our schools has a supporting parent organization.  Although each group holds a membership drive at the start of the school year, memberships are accepted all year.  Please consider joining if you haven't already.


Incline is also very fortunate to have a wide variety of private and non-profit organizations that provide complementary educational and related services.


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In their own words...

"Incline After-School introduced me to swimming in the eighth grade, and I went on to win state competitions in my junior and senior years.", Orlando Q., IHS class 2009.  More quotes...

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