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IHS Counseling News Fall 2017

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Important Dates for Incline High School 2017/2018
o    September 1 - Online application for the Common App opens (Seniors)
o    September 20- Freshmen Parent Advisory
o    September 25 – September, PSAT prep for Freshmen thru Juniors
o    October 1 –FAFSA APP opens
o    October 9 thru 12- freshmen 4 – Year Plans in Freshmen
o    October and November – Freshmen/Parent 4 - Year Plan meetings
o    October 11 – PSAT
o    October 16 thru 20 - Senior College Pre and Post activities in English Classes
o    October 25 – TMCC information session on the newest programs –Nevada Promise Scholarship
o    October 25 – Sophomore, Junior and Senior Advisory At 5:30 to 7:00
o    October 26 - end of 1rst quarter grading period
o    October 30 – 4:00 pm at the Middle school SHARE preview for parents

o    November 1 – 10:00am, The University of Montana available and to the classrooms.
o    November 1 – Job Corp Presentation in the A+ Computer Lab
o    November 1 - UC and Early Decision apps due through Common App
o    November 3 – University of Oregon recruiter in the Cafeteria
o    November 5 - UNR College Fair all ages welcome
o    November – 15 –UNR Day
        o    UNR tour for seniors leaving at 8:00
        o    UNR Application workshop
        o    UNR recruiter available all day
o    November 29- FAFSA WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS (CSS presented)
o    November 29 - College Night @ IHS 6:30pm-8pm all ages welcome. ( Tentative)

o    December 1 – deadline for Honors programs UNR/UNLV and most schools
o    December 1 thru 8 - I.H.S. Scholarship details defined
o    December 4th thru 8th – SAT/ACT test prep, juniors, and College Search
o    December 11 thru 15 - GPA workshop with freshmen
o    December 13th –PSAT training for parents. 5:30 to 6:30
o    December 14th- PSAT presentation for students who took it.
o    December 22- all Extended Studies course work due. 
o    December 22nd- Begins Winter Break
o    December - Register for SAT and ACT exams taken throughout Jan-March, Junior and Seniors

o    January 8 – school resumes
o    January 8  thru 12 – I.H.S. Scholarship in-service for seniors in English classes, APP opens thru ZOHO
o    January 16- Junior Parent Advisory Meeting
o    January 19th – end of first semester grading period.
o    January 24th – all Juniors take a Mock ACT
        o    ASVAB Sophomores
        o    Seniors – Financial Literacy
        o    Freshmen UNR tour
o    January 24- scholarship clinic and FAFSA assistance 1:30

o    February 1 - UNR application due
o    February 1 and 2, senior packets for registration for 2018-2019  to juniors in US History Classes
o    February 7- scholarship clinic and FAFSA assistance 1:30
o    February 16– Junior field trip to UNR (tentative)
o    February 19 through 23 Juniors Register for 2018-2019, History classes
o    February  26 through  March 2, junior packets to sophomores for 2018-2019 registration in English
o    February 24 - scholarship clinic and FAFSA assistance 1:30
o    February 27- ACT test at school, all juniors and make-up for seniors.
o    February 28- Incline HS Scholarship due
o    February through March Junior/Parent interviews
o    March 1 - ACT test with writing all Juniors
o    March –thru 4   SOS (suicide prevention) Freshmen and Seniors
o    March 1 - FAFSA deadline
o    March 6 thru 10 - NVCIS Interest inventory and career and college search, Juniors in history classes
o    March 12-16 Junior English classes Resume’s
o    March 12-16 sophomore English classes registration for junior year
o    March 12 thru 16 freshmen register information for sophomore classes  in Freshmen seminar
o    March 19 – 20 freshmen Orientation for eighth grades at LTS and IMS (tentative)
o    March 19  thru 23-  SMART goal setting in freshmen
o    March 25 thru 29th – freshmen for sophomore classes, register in the library
o    March 28 – Eighth Grade Family Night (tentative)

o    April -Drug and Alcohol Presentations
o    April 2 - Highlander Day for Eighth Graders (tentative)
o    April 2- last day to register for the 2018-2019 school year, Fresh/Soph and Juniors
o    All registration to be complete by April 6
o    April 23 thru 27 - NVCIS Career Interest Inventory and career search, Freshmen

o    Before May 1, 2016 - send intent to register as well as notifications to colleges you are not attending 
o    May 7 through 18 - AP Exams
o    May 9 Parent Advisory Meeting
o    May 16 - College Choices and Scholarship Declares due
o    May 21-25 -  Make up AP’s
o    May 21 through 25 Climate surveys in first period in classrooms for freshmen, in library for juniors
o    May 21-25 – Juniors/Freshmen Climate Survey
o    May 30th and June 1rst – Every Fifteen Minutes Presentation

o    Seniors request the final transcript from the registrar
o    Finals week of June 5-9 and June 11
o    June 12th – Scholarship  Night
o    June 13th end of grading period
o    June 13th - Graduation

Activities for Freshmen:
o    Four Year Plans – September/October
o    Nearpod Training - August /September
o    Study Skills/organization, ongoing
o    Library usage done by Mrs. Brown for a week ,  she will include PREP –Me for PSAT-September
o    Corneil Notes, ongoing
o    GPA, and transcripts - December
o    Goal Setting - January/February
o    SOS presentation and screening –First Week of February
o    Nevada Career Inventory Systems NVCIS, career interest and personality inventory - March
o    2018/2019 registration for Sophomore year activities - March
o    SHARE – April, Share preview for Parents ) October 30th
o    Drug and Alcohol presentations - March, April and May
o    E15M , May 30th
o    Develop and participate in some Community service opportunities. Summer?

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"Incline After-School introduced me to swimming in the eighth grade, and I went on to win state competitions in my junior and senior years.", Orlando Q., IHS class 2009.  More quotes...

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