IES Fall Box Tops Submission 11/1/17

Sunday, 22 October 2017 14:29 IES PTA

Our fall Box Top submission is approaching!
November 1st.

Final classroom collection will happen no later than October 18th. So, gather your BoxTops and get them into class. Please encourage all family and friends to help, BoxTops are everywhere!

A few things to note:

• Please check expiration dates

• Your BoxTops do not need to be attached to a collection sheet

• Do not attach bonus box tops to collection sheets

• There is a collection bin in the office if anyone outside the classroom would like to help us reach our BoxTop goals.

For more chances to collect BoxTops for our school please visit and sign up for emails. Keep up on things such as...

• Our schools progress, see how other schools in our area are doing compared to us.

• Products where you can find box tops. (Hint: They aren’t just on top of cereal boxes.)

• Enter sweepstakes that could win our school up to 10,000 bonus Boxtops.

• Special promotions and coupons for extra savings

• Find out about the BoxTops app and even more ways to earn extra BoxTops for our school.