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I want to submit a News Article

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First a question... are you wanting to announce somethings that occurs on a given date or range of dates?  Then this is primarily a Calendar Event and you'll want to first create that event by following the article Submit an Event to the School Calendar.  You can return to this article once you've created the event if, and only if, you also want a News blurb to bring extra attention to your event.

Request "Author" Access to the Incline Schools Website

Fill out the contact form including the following information:

  • your contact information (especially email)
  • in the message section, list for which schools you wish to author News articles and also a brief description of your role (e.g. school teaching staff, school office staff, involved parent, etc.)
  • we'll then create for you a username/password that provides access for submitting News Articles to the site and notify you of same

Submitting a News Article

The following is a brief run-through of how to submit a News Article to the Incline Schools website (menu selections are shown in red underline).

  • Login to the site (lower left menu area)
  • in the lower left menu area, select Submit an Article
  • give your article a Title (try to keep this to less than about 30 characters)
  • in the main editing box, enter the complete content of your news item
    • avoid using any formatting such as bold, italics or explicit font types, font sizes, and font colors (the site starts to lose its consistency with user-entered formatting)
    • instead only use prepared formatting, mostly limited to:
      • Format pull-downs for Heading 3 or Heading 4
      • bullets or number lists
    • do not cut/paste directly from a web browser page or Word document (all the source formatting will come along, yuk!)... instead use the following steps:
      • select text in the source document... Copy
      • open NotePad... Paste
      • select all the text in NotePad... Cut
      • now go to the article edit area and Paste
    • you can apply hyperlinks to items, but if they refer to pages outside the Incline Schools website, when you Insert the Link make certain to set the Target to New Window.
    • if you want to insert an image, do not use the insert image icon above the edit area, instead use the Image button below the edit area.  Once you've inserted your image, you can resize to auto-create a thumbnail (make the thumbnail 120px in height or less).
    • if your article is more than a paragraph or so, use the Read More button (below the edit area) to place a divider between your introduction paragraph and the body of the article.
  • after you've entered the article content, below the edit area make sure you complete the following:
    • pulldown Section to News
    • for Category, select the appropriate school... e.g. High School News
    • if your news article should "expire" at some date (e.g. after a registration period), the set the Finish Publishing date
  • back at the top of the page, click Save

Once you've saved your article, our webmaster will then be notified that your news submittal is ready for review.  Once reviewed and approved (might take a few hours or so), your article will be published by the webmaster for the world to view in the News section of the website.

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