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Home Data Input Instructions I want to submit an event to the School Calendar

I want to submit an event to the School Calendar

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First we'll assume that your event falls into category 1 or 2 below:

  1. dealing with one or more of the Incline public schools (e.g. school registration event, sports event)
  2. spanning the Incline Schools (e.g. presentation of K-thru-12 reading program)
  3. community events not directly related to the schools (e.g. speaker at county library, dance class at rec center)

If you're instead posting a Community Event (category 3) then read this article.

If you already have a login for the appropriate Incline school calendar then jump past the next section.

Obtain Access to the School Calendar from the Webmaster

Fill out the contact form including the following information:

  • your contact information (especially email)
  • in the message section, a list of which school calendar to which you are requesting access (high school, middle school, elementary school, and/or general school events)
  • we'll then process your request and grant access to the appropriate school calendars
  • you'll be getting an email from Google Calendars directing you to that calendar(s)

If you don't already have one, you'll need to create a Google Account (it's free) to add events to the school calendars.

Adding Events to a School Calendar

Commands you are to execute are noted below in red underline.

  • go to
  • login in to your Google Account as needed
  • in the left hand Other Calendars area, click the down arrow to the right of the desired school calendar (e.g. Incline High) and select Display only this Calendar
  • click in the calendar area on the day for which you want to add an event
  • type a brief title (try to stay less than 30 characters) of the event (e.g. 4pm Boys soccer vs. Truckee)
  • make sure the proper calendar (e.g. Incline High)  is shown in the pull down
  • click edit event details
    • set the When and Repeat fields as appropriate
    • for Where, try to enter mapable locations... e.g. 499 Village Blvd, Incline Village, NV (main field)... that way, visitors can click on the map link and get useful location information
    • for Description, you can type in new information and/or Cut/Paste from other documents
    • note:  you can also include links in your description by typing:
      This is some lead-in text and linking to [a href="url_of_the_site"]My Favorite Website[/a]...(but use < in place of [ and > in place of ]
    • Save

Editing Existing Events in a School Calendar

  • login to your Google Account
  • you can make the edits either from the Incline Schools website (Calendar) or from
  • select your preferred calendar view (Agenda, Month, etc)
  • click on the event... click more details... change What, When, Repeat, Where or Description as desired
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