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Home Data Input Instructions How do I add a Community Calendar event?

How do I add a Community Calendar event?

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We've chosen to categorize events as:

  1. dealing with one or more of the Incline public schools (e.g. school registration event, sports event)
  2. spanning the Incline Schools (e.g. presentation of K-thru-12 reading program)
  3. community events not directly related to the schools (e.g. speaker at county library, dance class at rec center)

If you're interested in posting an event in categories 1 or 2, then go to the article School Calendars for posting school events.

If you'd like to post a "Community Event" (category 3), you should do so by simply clicking on this community calendar submittal form for the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza. (link to the Bonanza site provided here for convenience)

Events that you submit to the Bonanza are then available both on the site and also provided as a Calendar feed (Calendar, Community) on this Incline Schools site (i.e. you get double exposure for one data entry effort!).

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