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Primer on eNewsletter Creation

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The following is a brief run-through of how to create an eNewsletter from the Incline Schools website (menu selections are shown in red underline) -- you may want to print this Primer so you have it handy.

  • click here to go to (this will open in a second browser tab/window)
  • in the new browser window Login with your username/password (lower left of menu region)
  • go to eNewsletter Management (again, lower left of menu region)
  • Lists
  • for your newsletter (e.g. Middle School Newsletter), click on Create/View Mailings
  • Create a New Mailing
    • enter a Subject
    • under Sender Information, enter your name and email
    • for Upcoming Events
      • click here to view upcoming events for Incline Schools... select your school (this will open in a third browser tab/window)
      • swipe across the desired events for your school... Copy (either right-mouse, Copy -or- Cntl-C)
      • go back to the Newsletter editing area... put your cursor just below Upcoming Events (in the righthand column)... Paste (either right-mouse, Paste -or- Cntl-V)
    • for Latest News
      • to the right of the newsletter Subject, click on Content
      • from the list of website articles just below, scroll and click on a News article that you want included in the newsletter
      • put your cursor in the Content Tag field... swipe the Content Tag (begins with { and ends with }), Copy... move your cursor to the line just below Latest News in the lefthand column of the newsletter editing area... Paste the tag... do NOT press Enter (you want to simply string all the tags, one after the other)
      • repeat the last two steps for additional articles you wish to include
    • scroll to the bottom of the window, Save Newsletter
  • at present, you'll need to send an email to Wayne to have the Newsletter "sent" (requires administrator priviledges)
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