Incline Village Schools

...Top-Quality Education, unmatched in the Lake Tahoe area

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When you arrive at a destination such as Lake Tahoe something magical happens - your soul and spirit are filled by the amazing beauty, the sumptuous fresh air, and the plethora of outdoor activity.  Your senses are heightened and your thirst for more motivates you to be the best you can be.

Living full time in Incline Village, on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, we experience this sensation daily.  The natural gift of curiosity and desire to learn, inspired by our surroundings, have translated to a community that reveres education and embraces the learning process from pre-school through college (and beyond!).

Top-Quality Education

The community of Incline Village is fortunate to offer education opportunities for all ages, 1 through 101.  Our families hold the bar high in their expectations in teaching their children, and our schools deliver. . . big time. 

Being a small mountain community, everyone in town becomes part of the educational process.  This is a place where people know your name, your child's name and usually your pet's name.  Some kids have started their school careers in preschool with Miss Barbara, volunteered in the community, graduated Incline High School, and have moved on to a 4-year degree in Environmental Science through Sierra Nevada College. The value of the intangibles cannot be overlooked when the desire is to prepare and ready the whole student for the bigger world.

We know kids get a good education through the Incline Village schools - we know that they can hold their own in whatever they choose.  We have graduates that have become teachers, doctors, electricians, lawyers, engineers, world class motorcycle designers, etc. to prove it.  

And we know that learning doesn't have to stop when you leave high school or college.  Maybe it is a ceramic class that intrigues you,  a lesson on Lake Tahoe water clarity, a lecture on the stars that we see so clearly in the Tahoe night, a photography primer on how to get the best picture of the mountains or lake, a snow camping experience on the Tahoe Rim Trail, a water exercise class or a lively interactive cooking class - all these (and many, many more) are available to keep your mind sharp and your body fit.

Incline Village is an education destination - it is never too early (or late) to begin your journey to more learning!

Amidst the Beauty of Lake Tahoe

Life is good at Lake Tahoe!  Our weather, our community and our attitude towards learning is conducive to helping you be everything you have ever wanted to be.

  • 307 sunny days (84% probable)  --  summer temps 79F/43F  --  winter temps 36F/16F
  • lake elevation 6,229 feet  --  1645 feet deep, is 10th deepest in the world
  • summer water temp 65F  --  18 feet average annual snowfall  --  8.3 inches average annual rainfall
  • 22 miles long, 12 miles wide  --  72 mile shoreline
  • crystal clear  --  a white dinner plate visible 80 feet below surface