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Want the news delivered to your e-doorstep?

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news at your e-doorstepDo you ever feel that you're constantly running all around the web checking for new information?  How about if it all came to your e-doorstep... much like the morning newspaper of old?  Here's how "news feeds" bring the web to you.

What is RSS anyway?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, meaning that various websites can easily "syndicate" their information (much like the Associated Press and Reuters syndicate their news articles) so that these feeds can be "aggregated" or picked up and viewed on other sites (just as newspapers have long published AP articles).  On the Incline Schools site we're aggregating news from our local schools as well as from the Tahoe Bonanza and the Reno Gazette Journal.  No human being needs to re-enter the articles or calendar events, they a syndicated by the source and appear automatically under the News and Calendar sections of our website.

And what's an RSS Reader and why might I want one?

In addition to being able to view syndicated information on our website, you can also have this news delivered right to your RSS Reader. Continuing our analogy, the RSS Reader is basically a mechanism to collate a variety of information sources (the "feeds") into your own custom e-newspaper.  For example, you could decide that your morning read brings to you:

  • world news from
  • national news from the New York Times
  • financial news from the Wall Street Journal
  • sports from
  • local news from the Bonanza and RGJ
  • school news from

Cool, how do I get an RSS Reader and configure my own e-newspaper?

There are many readers available, but a very capable and free reader is provided by Google, the Google Reader.  Follow these simple steps to set up your Google Reader:

  • go to
  • if you already have a free Google account (if you use Gmail, you already have a Google account), simply login... if not, you can create one from the login page

RSS Reader - click to expand

You then add "subscriptions" to your Google Reader (i.e. configure your e-newspaper) in one of two ways:

  • browse or search in Google Reader for the source... e.g. from the left menu bar, Browse for Stuff, Search, "Wall Street Journal", Search for Feeds, Subscribe, Subscribe
  • or, visit the desired site, e.g. go to the page to which you want to subscribe, e.g. News... look for one of the following commonly used (and synonomous) symbols... and click it to subscribe

For convenience, you can subscribe to the Incline Schools news feeds by clicking one or more of the feeds below:

1-High School
2-Middle School
General School
Great Schools
IB Program
Incline Schools

So with just a few clicks to set up and configure your RSS Reader, you've turned the web world upside down... now rather than going places to look for information, the latest up-to-date information comes to you.  How cool is that!